My, have things come a long way. When Tory Lanez and Joyner Lucas first crossed paths, it was as foes - sort of. The pair of lyricists found themselves embroiled in a duel of sorts, with questions of honor and overall quality at stake. What transpired was a mild, yet thoroughly entertaining "beef", in which shots were exchanged across four tracks: Tory's "Lucky You" and "Litty Again," against Joyner's "Litty" and "ZEZE." Maintaining that the feud was strictly in the name of healthy competition, the former rivals linked up for a collaboration, absolutely bodying DaBaby's "Suge." 

Since then, it would appear as if the pair have become the best of friends, an unexpected plot twist that only hip-hop could provide. Now, both men have decided to take their competition to the courts, engaging in a little bit of male camaraderie. The game appears to be one-on-one, and though Lucas boasts a significant height advantage, Tory appears to be holding his own regardless. We've already seen Lanez tear it up on the court, and his moxie should never be discounted. Were you a gambler, who might you place your coin upon?

Are we looking at a potential hip-hop variant of Kenny Vs Spenny? I do declare that the sky is the limit! What type of contest should Tory and Joyner find themselves in next?