Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, & Drake seemed genuinely happy to see one another in the photo Minaj posted to Instagram yesterday morning. The photo fueled hopes that a Young Money reunion of some kind is in the works. Though Minaj, Wayne, & Drake are technically all still signed to Young Money, they no longer rep the label with the same vigor they did in the late '00s.

Young Money has released two compilation albums: 2009 exuberant We Are Young Money and 2014's lackluster Rise of an Empire. In this article, we count down the five best posse cuts in Young Money history, with the stipulation that they must include appearances from at least 3 YM artists.


5. "Pass The Dutch" (Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, and Drake feat. Short Dawg)

This spot almost went to "Senile," which is more popular than "Pass The Dutch." But while "Senile" is a joyless precursor to "Only," "Pass The Dutch" is a loose, swaggering joint that gets a strong effort from each of its four participant, including one of the finest verses Gudda Gudda ever laid down.

4. "BedRock" (Lil Wayne, Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Tyga, and Jae Millz feat. Lloyd)

"BedRock" was an inescapable radio jam during the winter and spring of 2010. The song peaked at #2, thanks in large part to the immaculate vocal stylings of Lloyd on the hook. The song's music video takes place at "Young Money World," a giant "Real World"-esque orgy palace where the Young Money rappers bring back female guests.

3. "EveryGirl In The World" (Lil Wayne, Drake, Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, and Mack Maine)

Another radio smash off the first Young Money compilation album, Tha Bizness-produced "EveryGirl In The World" has aged more gracefully than "BedRock." It contains a strong verse from So Far Gone-era Drake, and it will have a powerful sentimental effect on anyone listening in the year 2017. I associate the song closely with the sweet freedom of whipping my Mom's mini-van, having just acquired my driver's license.

2. "The Motto" (Remix) (Drake, Lil Wayne, & Tyga)

The song that gave the world YOLO. The video that gave the world Drake wearing leopard-print North Face and bright red batting gloves. Truthfully, the originally version of "The Motto" is iconic -- Drake and Wayne are both at the height of their powers -- but without Tyga's addition on the remix, it would not have the three YM members required to qualify for this list.

1. "Truffle Butter" (Nicki Minaj, Drake, & Lil Wayne)

For reasons unknown, Nicki Minaj relegated "Truffle Butter" to bonus track status on deluxe iTunes edition of The Pinkprint. Nineteen85 engineered the bass line to descend from the fifth to the root, than perk up to to the fifth just in time for the next bar. It's the banger that never ends.