French Montana’s career is fascinating. He began as a battle rapper, marketing his art through the Bronx-based Cocaine City DVD series, eventually becoming one of rap’s most under-appreciated hitmakers. Like so many rapper’s that came up during French’s era his discography is intimidating, and most haven’t taken the time to search through the nooks and crannies of it. When you begin to sort through his vast amount of music, what you find is a goldmine, a rapper who experiments with new styles, who is open to different production, and most important of all, an underrated rapper.  

French Montana has battled criticism for most of his career. Some think he’s boring and others feel that his rapping ability is juvenile, but as you dig further through his discography you quickly learn that none of this true. Over the years, French has held his own on tracks with rappers such as Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Wayne, Jadakiss, Snoop Dogg, Raekwon and the list goes on, but the two most important frequent collaborators of French’s career are the late Chinx Drugz and the still-awaiting-freedom Max B. A large portion of French’s greatest music has been recorded with these two by his side, and each in their own way, were vital parts of French’s reach extending outside of the Bronx to the entire world. Chinx Drugz generally kept French grounded, on tracks where French would explore a new flow or test his vocal limits, Chinx would be there to keep that traditional New York sound in tact. Then, when French would begin to settle into the more reserved parts of his personality, Max B would bring the passion and natural competitiveness out of French making their collaborations some of the best.  

With all that said, French’s sound is where he really built his fan base, and the producer that laid the foundation was Harry Fraud. French and Harry Fraud have been one of rap’s premier rapper/producer duos for nearly a decade and along the way have both elevated each other. French’s bread and butter on his come up was floating over the masterly-flipped Harry Fraud samples, reaching to the depths of music from classic rock, funk and pop to jazz, funk and soul. French’s fans have come to appreciate the unpredictable Harry Fraud sample choices and for good reason, as much of French’s greatest music is brought to you by the wild mind of Harry Fraud.  

French, throughout his long career, has made a ton of great music and some of it has hardly gotten any exposure. This is why we put together a list of the 25 best French Montana songs to show appreciation to one of rap’s most consistent stars.