This Sunday, Super Bowl fixtures Tom Brady and Bill Belichick find themselves in yet another championship bout, this time against the Atlanta Falcons. With such strong winning pedigree on Patriots’ side, their Atlantean opponents led by quarterback Matt Ryan and the formidable Falcon defense make for an intriguing matchup.

Las Vegas will crunch numbers and SportsCenter talking heads will spend all week deciphering statistics and the season that has just come to pass in effort to see what the future holds for Super Bowl LI.  

At HNHH, however, we’ve decided to take a look back at the unpredictability of the Super Bowl contests that precede LI and rank the Top 10 Super Bowl games of all time. Perhaps this list can indicate something about what the future holds Sunday.

Spoiler alert: To my chagrin, there’s a lot of Patriots on this list. They may be evil, but their greatness undeniable. I’m a Lions fan. Don’t hate.