A couple Mondays ago, we counted down the best freestyles of the Fall so far, and now that we're into November, we figured we'd stay with that theme. This year, it seems as the temperature keeps getting colder, the music keeps getting hotter, as we've had a ton of new heat lately from hip-hop heavyweights and up-and-comers alike. Due to the influx of all the new dope music, we decided for this week's Top 10, we would take a look at the best mixtapes that have dropped this Fall. Just like last time, we'll include everything in September all the way up through today since we're still in the middle of Autumn. 

No matter what when we make lists like this, there's always artists that just miss the cut with their release dates, so we're sorry to guys like Grafh, Jitta On The Track and Migos, who are all dropping new mixtapes this week. Make sure you get all of those when they drop as well as all the tapes on this list if you don't already have them. As usual, hit us in the comment section with your complaints feedback. Make sure you get at us on Twitter and Facebook with any we missed as well.