Too Short's preached the life of a player for over 30 years but it appears that those days are now behind him. Not only is the rapper in a relationship, but it appears as though he and his girlfriend, Sue, had a child back in December, TMZ reports. The 53-year-old rap legend is now a father for the first time which came as a shock to some since he's known for his pimp-laden music. 

The rapper may have kept fatherhood on the low but it appears as though he had a big plan for the reveal. The rapper is reportedly shooting a documentary with Ray J and his manager David Weintraub which surrounds their experience raising their kids in Hollywood. It'll be interesting seeing Too Short in that light, especially since he's been pretty quiet about being a father. 

It's unsure if fatherhood will end up affecting Too Short's music. His last album was called The Pimp Tape and Too Short has never shied away about the pimpin' lifestyle. As you could imagine, many of his fans were surprised to find out that the rapper is now a father. A few people applauded the rapper for managing to get to 53-years-old without having a child while others laughed at the irony in someone like Too Short having a girl for his first child.