On 2020's "Tyler Herro" Jack Harlow rapped "y'all well-dressed but you ain't got soul and you just can't sew it on," and ever since, he's been on a fashion tear. Securing a bag from New Balance, wearing head-to-toe Parra sherpa in the "Route 66" video with EST Gee and now this, a spot as one of the faces of a Tommy Hilfiger campaign. 

The "Pass The Mic" campaign, which features Harlow, Yara Shahidi, WizKid, Anthony Ramos, Kim Soo-Hyun and DJ Cassidy sharing empowering messages, will allow fans and Hilfiger aficionados to ask the stars questions via IG DM voice notes and possibly have those questions included in a future extension of the campaign. A completely interactive campaign, Tommy Hilfiger hopes to connect fans to these young stars and allow them to share their collective light with the rest of the world. 


Harlow, who is recorded saying "you become a man when you think of yourself less" in his portion of the "Pass The Mic" campaign, has been affiliated with Tommy Hilfiger for some time now. Wearing a Hilfiger tuxedo to last week's Met Gala and an all-green leather suit to the MTV Video Music Awards last weekend, Harlow has been repping Tommy hard for a while and it's clear the team at Tommy Hilfiger is pushing to make Harlow a legitimate face of their brand. 

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The "Pass The Mic" campaign begins on September 25 and from there on out, Hilfiger fans and buyers are encouraged to drop a voice note in their DMs to get what is clearly a community-based ad campaign underway.

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