Tom Hardy is one of the best actors in the game right now. While he doesn't garner the same amount of flashing lights and headlines as some other movie stars, Hardy has taken on some of the most memorable roles in modern day cinema. He was perfect as Batman's nemesis Bane, he was mesmerizing alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant and Inception, and Mad Max is easily one of the best films every made. Hardy will be playing the Marvel anti-hero Venom later this year, which will hopefully be a massive improvement over Topher Grace's version of the character in Spider-Man 3. 

Aiming to keep busy, Hardy also signed up to play Al Capone in Josh Trank's upcoming bio-pic Fonzo. A new picture of Hardy in full make-up as Capone has surfaced online, and the actor is unrecognizable. The transformation is astounding. Hardy will play Capone in his old age. The infamous mobster developed dementia from untreated syphilis, and went insane during his older years. The film will exclusively focus on Capone's older years, as he is haunted by demons from his past and forced to deal with an ascension into insanity. Trank is hoping that this film will make people forget about his horrendous Fantastic Four reboot.