TLC's Chilli may not be sure if her current man is 'the one' but she's sure very sure about being open-minded when it comes to dating. The 47-year-old opened up to Essence about her dating life and clarified that her long list of must-haves is still intact, and may be even longer. “I know what I bring to the table," she said.

"I want for women — especially for women of colour — to not be so closed minded when it comes to love,” she told the publication “God made all of us and you may not find your husband because you’re trying to stick to one group. You’ve got to be open. You want the person who’s the best person for you, no matter what color he is.”

As for her own dating life, she told the publication that she's seeing a man who's not Black and they're just "testing the waters.”

“I usually know after two months…I can just tell. I’ve always known,” she said. “The day I turned 30, I got this kind of smartness or something, this maturity about myself…when your turn 30, you become more confident in how you feel about things, which is great. That way you can cut and weed out a lot of the BS you go through.”