Just days after dropping off her latest track "Like I Used To" that was assumed to be about her ex, Ben Simmons, Tinshae has hopped on Instagram to share a sultry photo of herself. Labeled as a Throwback Thursday photo, the 25-year-old singer is seen posted up bedside wearing a black one-piece, looking all kinds of fierce - check it out below. 

Just last week Tinashe responded to the widespread gossip that suggested Ben Simmons was worried about Tinashe stalking him. “Listen, I usually never comment on things that are completely untrue and ridiculous, but this narrative has to end. I’m not a character in some dumb storyline this is MY REAL LIFE. The fact is, I was in love, and I got hurt," she shared on social media. “The details of what has happened since are complicated to say the least, but I’ve never lied. And of course I’m not a stalker lol.”

Ben is now dating Kendall Jenner and the two are said to be moving in together. As for Tinashe, she seems to be doing just fine and looking good at the same time.