A TikTok influencer by the name of Jason Clark, almost lost his life in a frozen lake while performing a feat for his devoted internet fellowship. The popularized TikToker, known as @JasonToDoList, almost lost his life after attempting to dive into a hole in a frozen lake, swim from the hole to another hole and exit with ease. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned, and Clark was forced to scramble underneath the water while his film partner watched cluelessly as he almost lost consciousness underneath the ice.  

TikTok Influencer Nearly Dies After Frozen Lake Swim Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Clark took to his Instagram account to share his experience with his 34.7 thousand-plus followers about how he almost lost his life attempting to go viral. The TikTok influencer/investor captioned the video:

"I have never been this close to dying. I didn’t think my eyeballs would freeze so quick. The surface of the water where the hole was didn’t look any different than the bottom of the ice. When I flipped around and felt solid ice I thought I was at the hole."

Jason continued:

"When I wasn’t that’s when I decided to head back and follow the dust I kicked up. The dust I kicked up had drifted and led me further away. I then tried to break the ice with my back, you can see in the video. I don’t know what made me turn around one last time. I was so short on breath I couldn’t really see anymore. I had accepted that was it and I wasn’t going to make it."

The adventurer then went on to explain why his camerawoman wasn't in a panic closing out his caption:

"When there are scary moments I joke a lot. She genuinely thought it was another one of my jokes and didn’t recognize the severity of the situation."

While TikTok has made its way into the mainstream media, the life-threatening viral videos and challenges have followed suit for those longing for internet fame and attention. Check out Jason Clark's TikTok-inspired near-death experience in the Instagram post provided below.