The revival of Latin flavor in American music is everpresent and will likely reach an explosive peak on mainstream platforms soon. TIDAL is placing itself at the forefront of this movement with the creation of "Footprints," a video series dedicated to Latinx music and its icons. The first episode focuses on the efforts of Black artists who have influenced the genre including Joe Arroyo and Celia Cruz.

Amara La Negra narrates the pilot through an illustrated depiction of the singer. She highlights the omnipresence of blackness in Latin music.

"The irony is that we could never escape our blackness regardless of how we define or quantify it because it lives everywhere; in our foods, our religions, our medical practice and of course the music we create and rhythms we move to before we can even speak."

Marjua Estevez, TIDAL’s Latin Culture and Content Editor, commented on the series's intention to spread knowledge about the culture.

"As Latin music continues to surge in popularity, TIDAL’s ‘Footprints’ educates fans by shining a light on the often overlooked African and Indigenous roots of today’s hit songs. We’re thrilled that Amara La Negra is narrating the premiere episode because she’s a force in the Afro-Latinx community and has empowered countless fans through her music."

Stream the first episode below.