Kanye West has been wildn' out with a carefree attitude as the "god" he claims to be, upsetting and confusing the masses with his political statements and outlandish claims. His remark about wanting to abolish the 13th amendment earned him some backlash because of its lack of clarity.

T.I. seeks to remediate this situation by adding more context to the comment.

"While I disagree with most of the shit that Kanye says and his rants, I must say that the part about trying to amend or abolish the 13th amendment I actually agreed with. And not because I think that slavery should be instilled. No, because the 13th amendment says that slavery should be abolished unless in prison."

T.I. addresses how this particular caveat affects minority groups today since "it incentivizes mass incarceration." He hints at the prisons that exploit prisoners' labor for jobs that don't benefit the citizen's tax dollar, but rather garner profit for the private companies that own the prisons.

"I do see where he was going. I think it was horribly worded. And I think if you're not careful, you can get carried off into the bullshit. Now I know how I mean it when I say it. I hope he means it the same way."