While T.I.'s arrest last week was extremely brief, it did bring up some important issues concerning police and black people. When stories about black people having the cops called on them for doing absolutely nothing keep becoming more and more common, people have a right to be concerned.

One person who isn't concerned, however, is T.I. TMZcaught up with him as he was leaving the Reagan National Airport yesterday, and asked him if he felt he was being targeted by the man for his outspoken political views. As a response, T.I. answered with a simple shrug, unwilling to comment on whether or not he felt like a victim.

In fact he didn't seem too concerned about the whole affair, saying that even though the gated community where he lives has yet to apologize to him for the incident, he isn't tripping about it either. Of course, T.I. had previously referred to his arrest as more of an "inconvenience" than anything else.

When asked why he didn't try to use his fame as a rapper to make his way through, T.I. said it wasn't about that.

"I'm a tax paying citizen and resident in that community," said T.I. "I paid my homeowner's association fees. I bought my house - well my wife bought the house - but you know what I'm saying. I shouldn't have to be a celebrity to be considered. I have rights."

It seems like the homeowners association better get on that apology soon.

Check out the video of T.I. below.