Black Panther is arguably one of the most anticipated films of this year. Everybody's been waiting for it to release and in a few days, it'll finally hit theatres for the public. The movie first premiered at the tail end of January and over the course of the past few weeks, there has been exclusive screenings for the film. Before it's global release, T.I. gave away 300 tickets to an advance screening of the movie in his hometown of Atlanta.

T.I. and Walmart teamed up to release 300 tickets to the Black Panther premiere in Atlanta recently, he revealed on Twitter. The rapper gave the tickets away to families at the Cascade Walmart. 

"Me and @Walmart joined efforts to support the community with free tickets for customers to attend an Advance Screening of @MarvelStudios @theblackpanther. We gave away 300 tickets to deserving families yesterday at the Cascade Walmart store.

T.I. might be a globally recognized superstar but he's always been about giving back to his community and Atlanta as a whole. He's made it a holiday tradition to help out single mothers at Walmart in Atlanta by buying them gifts and other items for their children and family. Last year, he was delayed by Delta Airlines but still ended up thumbing through 20 racks in order to help out those in need.

In addition to his charitable efforts, he and Killer Mike are also members of Atlanta's Mayor Keisha Bottom's transition team. They join a diverse group of community leaders from CEO's, educators, artists and more to help bring fresh ideas to the table.