Safaree Samuels drew ridicule from his peers at VH1's new show Hip Hop Squares. The rap version of Celebrity Squares featured T.I. and Lil Duval teaming up to diss Safaree. It was no holds barred as Tip went for the jugular while Duval played hype man.

"He on Love & Hip Hop? I thought his hip hop love had done went over. I ain't thought he had a hip hop love no more," T.I. said referring tongue-in-cheek to Safaree's past relationship with Nicki Minaj

Safaree was quick to counter though. He told Tip he could use some help writing his lyrics because his music's been suffering.

"And Lil Duval, my dick is bigger than you so you can't say shit to me," Nicki Minaj's ex said to the diminutive comedian who rose up from his chair in protest. The expletive-laden scene was apparently deleted before the show went on air.

Catch the exchange in the clip below.