Will somebody tell folks to stop coming for Deyjah Harris? T.I.'s teenage daughter is trying to live her best life as a hip hop celebrity seed, but people keep thumb-thugging by attempting to insult her on social media. Unfortunately for them, they forget that T.I. isn't just the self-proclaimed King of the South, but he's also the King of the Clap Backs. It would only make sense that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and Deyjah is proving to be just as sharp with her sword as her father. 

The 17-year-old, like many others her age, loves to post photos of herself on her Instagram page. With over 1.2 million followers, there are bound to be some haters in the mix, but a man who thought he was being slick when he slid in her comments incurred her wrath. Deyjah posted a modeling picture of herself with the caption, "Still goin' bad on 'em anyway," in what looks to be a nod to Drake and Meek Mill's collaboration, "Going Bad." A man commented on the photo writing, "Girl it look like you got a d**k down there."

Deyjah doesn't reply to everyone who comes on her page with a certain level of negative energy, but she made time to call this guy out. "First of all, what are you doing looking near that area in the first place," she said. "Second of all, even if I did have one...why is that any of your concern or business, and third of all and more importantly, if that's what it looks like...good. SUCK IT!!!!!"