Earlier this year, T.I. was arrested after a heated verbal altercation between himself and a security guard in the gated community he lives in. Although prosecutors dropped the assault charge against him, the rapper is still facing four counts of misdemeanor charges. Now, the Georgia prosecutors on the case are going after T.I. for allegedly screaming racial slurs at the security guard during the confrontation.

According to The Blast, the prosecutors filed amended charges against T.I. over his confrontation with the security guard in his neighborhood earlier this year. Tip's been charged with one count of public drunkenness along with three counts of disorderly conduct. The prosecutors accused T.I. of  “yelling profanities at Mr. James, including cuss words and racial slurs, contrary to the laws of this state.”

The prosecutors continue to accuse T.I. of telling the security guard during the confrontation that he "had all night." They claim T.I. also told the guard that "nobody will get you out of this," which allegedly caused the man to feel like his life was being threatened. 

Throughout this entire legal battle, T.I. has maintained his innocence. He already pleaded not guilty to all the charges that he was hit with. During a conversation with The Blast earlier this year, the rapper said that the incident was driven by “white cops in a very white area.”