The Weeknd shocked the world yesterday when he released his album My Dear Melancholy, out of nowhere. The 6-track EP is reminiscent of Abel's older work, such as Thursday, which gave fans a more haunting tone. No album release is complete without visuals, and just a few hours after My Dear Melancholy dropped, The Weeknd treated his fans to not one, but two new music videos. 

“Try Me” and “Call Out My Name” are two addictive tracks on the new album, so it makes sense why The Weeknd decided to give them the video treatment. The visuals are dark and intense, which is exactly what fans yearned for from The Weeknd. Both videos were released through Spotify.

The video for "Call Out My Name," which Genius suggests is about Abel's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez, finds the Canadian singer being broadcasted on television screens to a distraught yet gorgeous dread-headed woman who watches him intensely when she's not lost in a daze. In the visuals for "Try Me," The Weeknd sings to his fans from selfie mode on his cell phone. He drives calmly while singing into the camera. Two female lovers can be seen in the back seat, enjoying each other's embrace. 

We're glad that Abel's back. Check out the videos for “Try Me” and “Call Out My Name.”