There's no doubt that The Weeknd's absence from the VMAs left many Abel fans sorely disappointed, but it's easy to forget that beyond the fame, musicians are straight up human beings. And while a concert commitment is considered by many to be a sacred vow, the process of touring can be an exhausting one on both a mental and physical level. For an artist as massive as The Weeknd, multiply that by about a hundred. Ultimately, Abel seemed to be feeling the side effects of his ongoing tour, and chose to take the night off to catch up on some relaxation.

Apparently, The Weeknd told TMZ that he simply wasn't "feeling up to it," and felt a certain level of detachment toward the gig. As he explained, when he initially booked the VMA gig he had yet to start up his own tour, and fatigue obviously had yet to kick in. However, as the VMA's loomed closer, Abel felt it was simply better to stay home and get some rest.

Honestly, it may very well have been a wise decision, as The Weeknd's "Starboy World Tour" is set to continue on September 6th and continue uninhibited until December. So while The Weeknd's decision may be criticized by some, it might be a small price to pay, especially if Abel wasn't feeling up to it. Hopefully the singer can get his mind right before he heads back on the road.

The Weekend was nominated for four VMAs. Last week, another Weeknd show was cancelled when the singer bailed on the Grey Goose 20th anniversary celebration. While there was no official statement as to why the cancellation occurred, the reasoning behind his decisions may very well be linked. 

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