The Met Gala is all about celebrities arriving in the most pristine outfits imaginable, and parading themselves in front of the camera for the entire world to admire their wealth and taste. The theme this year was "Heavenly Bodies," but once the gala ends, all that godly shit goes out the window, as an over-enthusiastic Cardi B fan learned the hard way, when it was reported earlier today that Cardi B's security had allegedly taken a fan to duff city after repeatedly hounding her for an autograph.

Now TMZ had learned that this specific individual is a big fan of celebrities, and that police believe that he may have had a history with harassing celebrities, which Cardi's security team may have been aware of when they allegedly decided to take action. A video captured by TMZ shows the man waiting outside the Carlyle Hotel in New York City, leaning over a fence to try and get Paris Jackon's attention as she leaves the hotel. While she just brushes him off, he yells out at her to "stay black," to which she responds with a raised fist in the air. 

The same photographer later shot the man getting loaded into an ambulance after suffering a beatdown. 

Asking celebrities for an autograph isn't a crime, but they're still people too. When you push people too much sometimes they get angry, and angry people who have teams of trained security guards aren't the kind of people you want to be messing with if you want to keep all your teeth in your mouth.