If the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent state of global quarantine have taught us anything, it's that sometimes we must find joys in life's little pleasure. Despite things seemingly going to hell in a handbasket on a ground level, lest we forget that the vast expanses of space above us have remained untouched by the eternal pain-in-the-ass that is COVID-19.


Dan Kitwood/Getty Images 

As such, it has been a place of respite for stargazers and dreamers alike, especially considering that tonight is set to be the biggest supermoon of 2020 -- provided Kodak Black doesn't attempt to break that record. For those unaware, a supermoon occurs when the moon's orbit cycle brings it within "close" proximity to the Earth, relatively speaking. As such, the supermoon will appear to be both bigger and brighter than usual, making it an exciting visual for those of us interested in the greater mysteries of the universe.

Should you be interested in sneaking a peek at the supermoon, you can catch that by braving the great outdoors (while making sure to respect proper social distancing guidelines) at approximately 10:35 pm EST. Apparently, the supermoon will be at peak visibility until about midnight, so set your timers accordingly. Sometimes it bodes well to remember that there are bigger things than us out there in the world, and a little bit of perspective can sometimes be the best remedy.