The #StopRappingCampaign Is Here To Stop Struggle Rappers

Carver Low
May 12, 2016 14:55

Is this going to become the new Crying Jordan?

Do you have a friend who’s a struggle rapper? If you aren’t sure, the answer is probably a resounding yes. Having struggle rapper friends can be trying for regular, non-rapping people. On one hand, you want to support your homies, but on the other, you don’t really want to listen to garbage bars all day. That’s where Larry Legend comes into play with his #StopRappingCampaign.

To combat the growing tide of terrible struggle rappers, Larry put together this video. So the next time your buddy asks you what you think of his new song (“It’s like Drake, but with the lyricism of Lil Wayne and the classic sound of Nas, fam!”), just play this video.

If the video looks familiar, that’s because it’s a spoof of the anti-domestic violence campaign #NoMore. Both are very good causes.

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LIFESTYLE The #StopRappingCampaign Is Here To Stop Struggle Rappers