Kevin Hart is currently engaged in a confusing storyline about whether or not he'll be hosting the Oscars this year. He was previously announced as the man in charge but when old homophobic tweets resurfaced, he stepped down from the position. A recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show has caused some to wonder whether he'll re-enter the conversation now. Since his resignation, the Academy hasn't named anybody as a replacement, leaving room for him to sneak back in if he pleases. His role in the industry hasn't diminished at all since the scandal took place. He's still booked in every single movie ever made, including the upcoming Jumanji sequel with The Rock. Awkwafina looks set to join the cast after her standout role in Crazy Rich Asians and she's already gotten the green light from Dwayne Johnson that she's allowed to attack Kevin Hart if he starts acting up.

The comedian can be a little extra at times. His back-and-forth feud against The Rock has been entertaining to keep track of as the former WWE champion told Hart that he wanted to punch a hole in his face last week. Now, he's passing the torch to Awkwafina, who can take over from now on. "Want to welcome @awkwafina to our cast," he wrote on Instagram. He continued by issuing a warning to Kevin Hart. "Here we go and remember if @kevinhart4real talks to you too much on set then just kick him in the balls."

The cherry on top is that Kevin liked the post, reminding us all that the beef is just in the name of good fun.

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images