Shirley Jackson's The Haunting of Hill House has been adapted from classic terror novel to film on two occasions. The first film, simply titled The Haunting, was directed by Robert Wise and is considered one of the best horror films of all time. The second film of the same name, starring Liam Neeson, Luke Wilson, and Catherine Zeta-Jones, was a horrible remake. Now, Netflix plans on bringing the classic tale to their streaming platform. 

Netflix dropped off a trailer for The Haunting of Hill House on Wednesday, and it appears that the plot has been heavily modified. In the novel, and in the two films, a researcher invites a group of people to live with him in a haunted house. A man named Hugh Crain had built the house, and paranormal activity plagues the building due to his suspicious endeavors. In Netflix's version, a family is raised in the haunted house, and the trauma they endure as children manifests as something much more sinister in the future. 

Two children ask their mother about the dangers of their nightmares as the trailer begins. The children's worse dreams begin to come true, as flashes of imminent evil parades across the screen. The adult version of the same curious children appear to be battling the demons that they were scared of as kids. The 10-episode season of The Haunting of Hill House premieres on Netflix October 12.