Nipsey Hussle's death continues to weigh heavily over the hip-hop community. Many have chosen to seek comfort by looking to his legacy, examining some of his ideologies and using them as a point of inspiration. One need only look to his Celebration Of Life to see the positive energy that Nipsey inspired throughout his community. And yet, he's still gone, a devastating fact his loved ones must grapple with every day. Today, his friend and collaborator The Game took a moment to pen another heartfelt dedication to Nipsey, revealing the depth of their friendship. 

"The 1st thing that comes to my mind when I wake up is you bro," begins Game. "I don’t have to force the thought, you’re just there. I still have mixed emotions about how or why & there are so many unanswered questions surrounding your passing that I have yet to bring myself to understand the reality of you not being here. I look at my daughter & I think about yours... I look at my sons & I think about yours... I text your sister daily to make sure she’s straight."

The Game continues his message, attempting to find inspiration amid the void. Given the unification between gang members, Nip's family, and his fanbase, it's not difficult to see traces of Nipsey's vision manifest in a variety of ways. "I look around the world & I see the love," writes Game. People standing unified from all over. Some expressing their love with art, others with words & I can’t do anything else but smile at it all. Which is why I chose this picture of you to post this morning."

Jerritt Clark/Getty Images