A couple weeks ago news broke that The Game's father, George Taylor, died at the age of 65. George passed away in his sleep at his Apple Valley, CA home and was found unresponsive by a family member. 

Since then there hasn't been much word from The Game and how he's been handling the unexpected death of his father. The "Hate It Or Love It" rapper has openly spoken about his dad in the past, but the relationship seemed as though it had its ups and downs from when he was younger. 

Just recently Game shared a photo to his Instagram of when he was a child, with Geroge giving him a kiss on his forehead. The caption reads, "I’m usually the STRONGEST person I know... but this one is really breaking me down. I miss you dad."

A few days before this recent post, Game posted a video of a burning candle where he speaks of the death of his father, saying he "can't sleep." 

“I lost my father,” he said in the clip. “I can’t sleep. Just a few days ago, about short of a week. All these feelings inside. I cannot explain how there’s so much love and it turned into all this pain. I locked myself in the house. Guess I needed my space."

He added: “Stopped waking up and looking in the mirror because every time I do, I see your face. I ain’t just lose a father. I lost a friend."

Watch below.