It's safe to say The Game is not a fan of Stevie J. Earlier today, the Compton rapper had some choice words to say about the Love & Hip-Hop reality star, following comments Stevie made about a picture that The Game took with his ex-girlfriend Joseline.

Apparently, Stevie got real jealous and left the message "good luck to you both. Be Happy," in the comments section of Joseline & The Game's post on IG, causing The Game to quickly clap back with some choice words of his own... 

“N—a if you don’t get the fuck outta her wit this fuck shit blood! Don’t nobody want yo woman n—a. I got one, she got a day job and [yours] can’t fuck wit mine anyway! No disrespect to Joseline but she ain’t my type and I literally said two words to her at that premiere. You callin’ my phone 25 times is some shit hoes do… Just come see me in person n—a and [we] can go anyway you want to… I told you on the phone where I was and where I’ll be! [And] I also told you I don’t get down like that! I don’t fuck nobody’s wife, don’t need that karma.”

If The Game wasn’t mad enough, his manager Wack 100, also let Stevie have it as well… “I respectfully asked you not to play this game with us when you was on the phone crying bout your wife,” Wack 100 wrote. “I told you all it was was a simple picture at a video premier[e]. Now here’s the facts you gotta know bout the winner’s circle. Our men don’t fuck with any men or anything that resembles a man. Now we can run that fade on sight. Piru.”

Stevie has since taken to twitter to say he was just “joking,” but I think he has just smartened up. Thanks to BallerAlert, who catches everything on IG, you can see the comments for yourself below.