The Game has taken a break from recording his upcoming album to address the youth. Taking to Instagram, Game has shared powerful image of a memorial, complete with a prescription-bottle casket. "Just gone leave this right here. Keep poppin random pills mothafuckas who ain’t gone carry your casket giving you," he writes, prompting an outpouring of support from fans and commentariat. 

It's unclear whether or not The Game will be taking his message to the booth, and one has to wonder whether he's feeling an obligation of sorts. After all, he's in a unique position to be a mentor, and clearly, the death of hip-hop's young talent has been weighing heavy on Game. He seemed to take XXXTentacion's death particularly hard, having previously penned an emotional reflection on the young rapper. Yesterday, he posted another homage to the fallen, posting an edited image of Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, and the legendary 2Pac Shakur, evoking imagery of the fabled "Thugz' Mansion."

 It's hard to say what spurred this recent introspection, but it's good to see Game attempting to spread a positive message, even if it might fall on some deaf ears; after all, the youth can be a tough demographic to crack. It seems like he has grown into his OG status nicely; those he has name-dropped so often would be proud.