The Game's rollout for his upcoming final album, which may or may not be titled Born To Rap, is well underway. Of course, many have already begun harping on a particularly interesting lyric, which finds Game throwing out the gentleman's playbook in favor of peddling X-Rated Kardashian fantasies. Such shocking lines tend to stir the pot, and Game has never been one to shy away from controversy; in fact, he's often smack in the middle of it.

Yet the man has generally kept his goal noble, insofar as crafting great albums can be considered a noble goal. Given that he's been basically living in the studio for the past little while, it's likely that all manner of bangers have been crafted. Given his affinity for repping his set, The Game has made sure to lay down a few "westside bangers," as is his modus operandi. On that note, he and Mozzy recently laid one down, so hard that Game took to IG to commemorate the occasion. 

"Last night, a beat got pulled up & it was murdered courtesy of the WESTSIDE," writes Game, posted up next to a stone-faced Mozzy. It stands to reason that this one will be popping up on Game's upcoming album, whenever that one ultimately comes through. What do the masses think of this? Is Game's name still ringing bells, by your estimation?