Boots Riley, whose new film Sorry To Bother You hits theatres this Friday, has announced The Soundtrack to Sorry To Bother You, a new project from his rap group, The Coup. According to a tweet from the rapper and filmmaker, it will feature collaborations with Janelle Monae, Killer Mike, E-40, Tune-Yards, Lakeith Stanfield (who also stars in the film), and Jolie Holland. Riley says the project will arrive "very soon." He also clarified that the project should not be confused with the group's 2012 album Sorry To Bother You. It appears the project will be both a proper album from The Coup and the film's soundtrack. It will contain "all new songs.'

Late last year, Merrill Garbus of Tune-Yards announced that she had scored the film alongside band member Nate Brenner.

The coup has not released a project since 2012's Sorry To Bother You, which later became the name of the film. In 2013, Boots announced an EP that never saw release. "The Coup is recording an EP of new material on our days off in the France," he wrote. "It'll be named after the studio/venue that we're sleeping at: 'La Grande Boutique'." 

In December 2017, The Coup's DJ, Pam The Funkstress, died at 51

Riley's film, Sorry To Bother You, will see release on July 6th.