In the days since Stan Lee's death, his influence on the world of comics, movies and peoples' lives has been made abundantly clear through countless tributes. But today, two tributes have been shared that are perhaps more meaningful than any of the others before them. 

First is the tribute of DC comics. Marvel and DC, the two main publishers of superhero comics, have been cast as rivals for decades. Stan Lee, if not at the top, has always been near the highest ranks of Marvel comics and has had a hand in much of what they've done, from co-creating some of its most iconic heroes, to being Marvel's publisher or editor-in-chief. The people at DC have put their rivalry behind them and decided to honour their "treasured friend and comicbook visionary" with an ad in The Hollywood Reporter. 

The ad is among six more like it that pay tribute to Lee's legacy. The other remarkable one is the a tribute from the Avengers themselves. The ad is signed by the cast members of the original Avengers movie and features a simple Avengers 'A' logo in the background. It says: "We acknowledge his creative contribution, the thousands of men and women it has long employed, the millions that will continue to be entertained, and above all, his inimitable wit, grace, and humility.Stan, we love you, we will miss you, we’re grateful to represent a small part of your amazing legacy.” The full ad is below: