TMZ has learned that although Tekashi 6ix9ine is fully-accepting of his own fate, he is currently stopping at nothing to protect his family from "blowback." After outing several of his Nine Trey associates in an effort to reduce his sentence, Tekashi is fearful the retaliatory blowback from the gang will reach his family homestand. Sources close to the situation indicate that Tekashi has already spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in personal security for his loved ones while stuck in detainment.

As reported yesterday, Tekashi cut a deal which locks him in for 9 counts (nothing more, nothing less) on charges ranging from racketeering, all the way to Narco-trafficking. The very notion that Tekashi 6ix9ine got involved in the illicit trade of heroin was among the more conspicuous revelations that came to light following the initial TMZ report.

Earlier, we spoke about his baby mother's concerns on the matter, well she is invariably a big part of Tekashi's protection plan. As her tone suggests, Sara Molina doesn't think the added security measure will make a difference in sorting out "the mess he's made" for himself and others. Tekashi's lawyer has confirmed Tekashi's commitment to the protection plan, 100% out of his own pocket. 

"6ix9ine has the means to pay for his family's private security, so the government expects the money to come out of (his) pocket to protect his closest family members," Dawn Florio tells TMZ. She did later affirm that if ever his pockets run dry, there's a strong change the Government would intervene on his behalf.