After the kidnapping, beatdown and robbery of Tekashi 6ix9ine earlier this morning, his baby mama is asking the nosy public to take a step back. She's doubtless getting bombarded with DMs, PMs and Tweets about the injured father of her child and also about the part of the robbery she witnessed. 

After 6ix9ine was ambushed and knocked unconscious outside the house that he shares with the mother of his child, the assailants went into the house to steal cash and jewellery, while the mother and the child were both in the house. It's been reported that the two were left physically unharmed. The mom seems as though she has been harmed by all the people hounding since the robbery that occurred only eight hours ago. She posted on Instagram Live, asking that "everyone respect my privacy and give me and my family some time and not bombard me with questions." What she does, appreciate, she says, are "the prayers and concerns" of fans. 

6ix9ine is reportedly still in the hospital after the incident, which many are saying he invited with his provocative behaviour (just read the comments on our last article about the robbery; the word "karma" comes up often). These suggestions do not seem crazy, considering some of the stunts he pulled in the past, like the one with the mom of Chief Keef's son.