Tekashi 6ix9ine's release from prison wasn't necessarily met with a warm welcome. The rapper came back with a slew of singles with a vengeance as he attempted to take down every institute and person who's tried to "blackball" him. Of course, in the middle of a pandemic, his presence was merely anticipated for his antics, though even that died out pretty quickly.

Ahead of his house arrest coming to an end, the rapper hopped off of Instagram for a bit as his lawyers expressed their concern for his safety. But today is the day he's off house arrest, officially. Though he hasn't made a major fuss about it yet, he did re-launch his IG account. There aren't any pictures and his following count remains at zero. However, it'll only be a matter of time until he begins to antagonize his peers in the rap game.

Per TMZ, his lawyer Lance Lazarro said that his federal probation officer would be coming to his home on Saturday to remove the ankle monitor. He'll be on "supervised release" for the next five years. He'll be provided with a schedule for checking in with his PO. 

Though off house arrest, he won't be entirely free. He'll still need permission to travel outside of New York state, especially when it comes to travelling for performances or recording sessions. However, he can roam around New York state without having to check-in.

Seeing as how his lawyers have been concerned for his safety, he's reportedly not planning to do anything crazy. Just make music and handle virtual performances.

Will we see a change in 6ix9ine's behavior now that he's off house arrest? We'll see. Without antagonizing rappers, though, it'll be interesting to see if he can still score the same type of success on the charts.