Detroit up-and-comer Tee Grizzley continues to impress on his press tour, showing humility and providing insightful answers. On a recent sit down with HOT 97's Nessa, Grizzley marveled at the response he got during his first Summer Jam appearance, stating "that was crazy. I couldn't get my whole street to support my music at first, so to have whole arenas singing the songs, that's nuts to me."

Tee Grizzley also spoke on paying his debts, his past as an aspiring financial accountant, an upcoming collab with Cardi B, and his top four dream collaborations: Nicki Minaj, Quavo, Drake & Jay-Z. Perhaps the most interesting part of the interview is when Tee Grizzley revealed that he paid back the people he initially robbed, which shows an endearing sense of remorse.

Right now, Tee Grizzley is proving himself to be one of the more well-rounded new emcees in the game. Check out the full interview below.