LeBron James is one of the biggest superstars in the league, and while he does comment on political matters, he has some very obvious blind spots that have received some criticism. If you've followed LeBron's career, then you would know that the main criticism against him is the fact that he never speaks out against China and its oppressive regime. LeBron profits off of the labor done in China thanks to his Nike shoes, and there are some who want him to comment on it.

One such person is none other than Boston Celtics star Enes Kanter, who has been going on some pretty furious rants as of late. The star has taken aim at LeBron, Joe Biden, and even Michael Jordan, which has led to some pretty polarizing reactions.

On Friday, LeBron commented on the matter stating that Kanter isn't someone that he wants to give any attention to. LeBron failed to address the issues happening in China, which eventually got the attention of right-wing commentator Clay Travis, and even Texas senator Ted Cruz, who took to Twitter with some harsh words for the Lakers star.

"@ClayTravis Serious Q: how much $$ is enough?" Cruz wrote. "@KingJames has made hundreds of millions of $$. But he still wants more, so much that he is TERRIFIED to say anything negative about the evil communist dictators in China. @EnesKanter is showing more courage than the entire @NBA."

It's clear that LeBron has no interest in the topic, however, no amount of pressure from conservative politicians is going to convince him otherwise.