Enes Kanter has been expressing a lot of disdain for Xi Jinping's regime in China as of late. The Boston Celtics star has been very adamant about calling out the political strife in the country, and he even took aim at Joe Biden just a few days ago as the US President was set to meet with Xi Jinping. 

When it comes to his sneakers, Kanter has taken particular issue with China's forced labor practices, and he is making sure to call out Nike in the process. In fact, over the last few games, Kanter has worn shoes that are meant to be a message of hope for the Chinese people. After years of calling out his native Turkey, Kanter wants to bring awareness abroad.

Enes Kanter

Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Just a couple of months ago, Kanter had gone after LeBron James for some vaccine rhetoric, and now, he is going after him again due to LeBron's silence on anything that has taken place in China. James has his own line with Nike, and Kanter believes LeBron and many other athletes are simply puppets who are doing as they are told by Xi Jinping. It might be a bit of a stretch, however, there is no doubt that Kanter is passionate.

"Money over Morals for the “King," Kanter said. "Sad & disgusting how these athletes pretend they care about social justice They really do “shut up & dribble” when Big Boss [China] says so. Did you educate yourself about the slave labor that made your shoes or is that not part of your research?"

LeBron has not yet replied to this tweet, and we doubt he will at this point. Regardless, Kanter has certainly gotten his point across.