The Roots are the greatest hip hop band of all time, hands down. From the streets of Philadelphia to late night TV, they have conquered each and every stage they've graced over their twenty-eighty year career. Questlove is a cultural icon, an authority on hip hop, accomplished author, a real-deal DJ, and elite drummer. Black Thought is a great MC, occasional actor, lethal feature, and globetrotting hip hop representative. The Roots are what you should show your grandmother, or grand-daughter, if they ask, "What is hip hop music?"

They can keep it street without being too ignorant. They can get melodic without needing a pop radio chorus. They've thrown elements of rock, punk, jazz, funk, and much more into their timeless music. They've pretty much done it all at this point.

It's a difficult task to make a short list of The Roots' songs, because they have so many great ones. Let this be a gateway to their full albums, because The Legendary Roots crew have 11 of them that are pretty awesome.