This may make you feel a little old, but Kid Cudi's career-launching mixtape A Kid Named Cudi is about to turn seven years old. While the "Day 'n' Nite" artist has released much music since then, many fans long for the alternative-minded rap the Cleveland kid layed down on his first two albums.

Man on the Moon, both part one and part two, helped to define a generation of rap. Helping to extend the vision that Kanye West brought to the mainstream, Kid Cudi provided the link between Mr. West and artists like Drake to release emotional hip-hop that draws from a wide variety of indie inspiration. Cudi's music got spacey and weird, but at this point we can start throwing the word "classic" in the conversation, at least for that debut LP.

With Speedin' Bullet To Heaven expected to be released this year, it's time Kid Cudi got the throwback Thursday treatment. Focusing on his first two albums, Man on the Moon, let's look back at ten killer cuts Cudi created.