E-40 is still a relevant rapper in 2015, but is everyone aware of this dude's tenure in the game? The 47-year-old rapper has been crushing it since 1990 with his flamboyant style of rapping.

He stayed in the underground until about 1995 when his album In A Major Way was released. Slowly, people started catching on to the west coast sound, where a quirky style of funky raps were taking over.

Nowadays, E-40 puts out more music than ever, which is absolutely insane for somebody his age. Since 2010, he's put out 12 albums, with two more due out in 2015. The dude is an absolute monster of productivity, and he just can't slow down it seems.

Today we celebrate Throwback Thursday by paying homage to the one and only E-40. There's truly not another rapper out there like Mr. Earl Steves, so let's dig in to 10 of his illest cuts!