Podcast host and New York personality Taxstone, born Daryl Campbell, is currently locked up, after getting arrested in connection to the Irving Plaza shooting last year. Taxstone was arrested after his DNA was found on the 9-millimeter Kel-Tec semiautomatic handgun that was used in the fatal shooting of Troy Ave's bodyguard, Ronald McPhatte. He was later indicted on weapons charges.

In an attempt to be released from jail, Taxstone had his lawyer draft a letter to the judge in his case, Judge Lorna Schofield. Bossip has obtained the court documents and provides a breakdown of what it says.

In the letter, Taxstone's lawyer, Ken Montgomery, ponders why Troy Ave is still a free man. Tax's lawyer states how it is Troy Ave who is facing an attempted murder charge, and it is Troy Ave who the police reportedly caught on film wildly waving a gun around and shooting it. Montgomery also states how both Troy and Tax's DNA was found on the gun, and Tax has yet to be officially charged with assault, murder or another more serious offense-- both sides are reportedly awaiting more DNA results. Finally, Tax's lawyer cites how, prior to this incident, he was the host of a successful podcast (which I highly recommend you check out), in which he frequently shared his anti-gang stance, despite his gang-affiliated past.

"After several mistakes in his life, Mr. Campbell has made efforts to change his life around and seek redemption through his occupation as a podcaster and music and entertainment insider," the letter reads.

We'll keep you posted as we await the judge's response.