For his first studio LP, Frank Ocean's Channel Orange has been in the news a lot lately, and all of this a week before it's official full release.  Target stores have pulled out from selling the record when it hits retailers next Tuesday, July 17th.

The album has created a lot of talk for not only the melodic tones dropped by Ocean, but also his soul-barring letter released to the public in which he openly discusses his love for another man.  

From PrefixMag, Frank Ocean's manager took to twitter to announce Target will not be carrying Channel Orange and also inferred that it is due to Frank's sexuality.  His manager has since deleted the tweet: "Target has refused to carry Franks album because of iTunes exclusive," he wrote. "Interesting since they also donate to non equal rights organizations."

It's very possible Target's decision to pull the album is not related to Ocean's letter, and only a business decision in regards to the early iTunes release, as the hip hop community and the public have shown lots of support for Frank and his decision to be open about his sexuality.

[Update: Frank Ocean confirms the album won't available at Target]

Frank Ocean took to Twitter to confirm reports that his album Channel Orange won't be available at Target. He says to blame it on the "generational gap," and says it will be available at Best Buy.