Recently there have been rumors circulating Frank Ocean questioning whether or not he's gay. Ocean decided to address these rumors by writing an open letter, which he posted on his Tumblr. 

The first post on his Tumblr, before the letter, starts off by saying "Based God was right," and then Ocean reveals he was intending to write this in the liner notes of his upcoming album, but he decided with the rumors going on he'd just clarify now. 

He reveals in the letter that his first true love was a guy. According to the letter, it was written in December of 2011. 

His album, Channel Orange, is dropping July 17th. Listen to the first single off it here.

Read Frank Ocean's letter below.


Ocean's Odd Future affiliates showed their support for Frank on Twitter, following his letter. Tyler, The Creator tweeted jokingly, "Fucking finally, sus boy @frank_ocean hahahaha, you still ain't got no bitches hahaha my nigga dawg," before he showed his (some-what more) serious appreciation of Ocean.