Braxton Family Values star Tamar Braxton has been living her best life. She's constantly on the road playing shows from coast-to-coast and will soon see her divorce from Vince Herbert finalized. The outspoken Love & War singer has also recently shared her new man, David Adefeso, with the world, and following rumors that her estranged husband may have cheated on her, Tamar is keeping an eye out for women commenting on her man's social media posts.

David recently shared a photo of himself, writing in the caption that he needs some recovery time after have an eventful few days. A woman commented "Hey u," a simple message that seemed innocent enough. Yet, Tamar responded on behalf of her beau saying, "Hey boo! I’m Tamar from Baltimore....this is my boyfriend correction sis...hey Ya’ll 💑! 😘"

The woman began receiving nasty messages from Tamar's fans calling her a clout chaser who was just trying to cause drama. They went to her Instagram page and began commenting on her posts, and things got chaotic enough that the woman had to set things straight. "@tamarbraxton you shouldn’t be that worried about me? Are you that insecure?" she asked. "I said hi to him because I knew him before you did! And you’re not going to keep a man being insecure 😟 and my husband says hello 👋🏿 and tell Vince 👋🏿." Watch out to who you say hello to on social media these days.