Two months after her suicide attempt, Tamar Braxton has logged onto Instagram to update her fans on her new found love for life. The singer and TV personality wrote, “God thank you for saving me! You know my true heart. Despite what the world may think of me, you kept me here for a reason. You are a God of second chances, and this second chance I won’t take for granted. The world can often be a dark place but I must resort to you for my light.” She also included a photo of herself in a mirror, possibly reflecting on her life. 

On July 16, it was reported that the R&B singer had overdosed on pills. Braxton, 43, was found unresponsive by her boyfriend, David Adefeso. Throwing possible jabs at WeTV, where she had her own reality TV show, she wrote “I’ve allowed my talents to be used for the wrong reasons. I have allowed myself to be used in too many “angry black girl” narratives. I’m not angry at all.” Braxton and the network have since parted ways.

In her post she continued with a direct message to Black women struggling everywhere, “I have been battling mental health for some time now, and Let me tell y’all is not a joke... I’ve realized in this time that the only thing I can control is the things I own. I want to personally fight for brown girls to have more ownership and not just be a slave to the industry. Black women are the unvalued and unprotected.”

She ended her post on a positive note letting everyone know, “I am on a never ending battle to be the best Tamar Braxton I can be. God has brought me through alot so I would like to pass it on to use my voice to help brown women and ALL women in these similar situations. We all have the opportunity to evolve. For now on it’s me vs me.”

She was met with support from a variety of stars including Taraji P. Henson and Trina. We hope the best for her singer in her journey to self love and mental health.