Talib Kweli's "All Of Us" Video Sheds Light On Police Brutality

Stream Talib Kweli, Jay Electronica & Yummy Bingham's "All of Us" visuals.

Talib Kweli dropped off his Radio Silence album last November and a standout single was without a doubt "All of Us." The politically heavy track that focuses on the American Justice system has now received a video treatment that is just as moving as the lyrics to the song. 

In just under six-minutes we see a Black man who loses his job and is then confronted by police in a park since being caught drinking. He ends up getting shot and killed, and that depiction alone mimics so much of what's happening in the real world. The cop becomes connected to the man's life in an unexpected way, but towards the end of the video it looks like things go back in time and all wrongs can be made up. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Radio Silence is my 16th album, and for my whole career, I’ve always been competitive, and I always wanted to have records on the radio and compete with other artists," Talib recently said of his project. "For the last few albums, I’ve been changing my focus to not compete so much with the industry but instead compete with myself.”

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