It started when Portland musician GLASYS posted a video clip to Reddit looking for advice on improvement. T-Pain caught wind of it and absolutely loved it, saying "HO. LY. SH*T! I've never seen anything like this in my life. Man. PM me if you wanna work together bro, this is amazing!"

After getting in touch with the artist initially, things got off track and GLASYS lost communication with him. "We've spoken a bit, and he asked me where I'm located," GLASYS told Pigeons and Planes. "I told him I'm in Portland, but willing to travel to work with him (I believe he lives in Georgia) and he didn't respond after that. I don't blame him though, I'm sure he's super busy!"

In order to get the superstar's attention once again, he posted another video to Reddit of him working with similar vocal effects, but this time to T-Pain's NPR Tiny Desk concert. The move worked and once again T-Pain was impressed.

"I expected a decent response, but never imagined it would blow up like this," GLASYS says. "It's been a wild ride for sure... my inbox is inundated with messages, collaboration offers, gear questions etc. and my social media following has grown substantially. I honestly wish I could reply to everyone and thank them for their support, but it's becoming impossible! Not used to being in this position."

Take a look at both videos below.