Youtube keyboardist and singer GLASYS became well-known on Reddit in recent months for his performance videos that utilize auto-tune effects to create these really smooth-sounding compositions. Check out an example below.

In one particular video, he helped beef up a live version of T-Pain's "Up Down," providing the keys, the drum beat and some backup vocals all at once. It's quite impressive as well.

So impressive, in fact, that T-Pain himself took notice and was convinced to reach out to the man on Twitter, saying that he was very interested in working with him. Well, since doing that, GLASYS is finally living the dream and, via T-Pain's Instagram account, has been confirmed as a studio collaborator with hip-hop's best-known purveyor of the auto-tune sound. 

"Look what #Reddit made happen! The great @glasysmusic and the 🐐 finally linked up! Man @glasysmusic is an absolute beast on the keys," captioned the rapper, showcasing some great keyboard grooves from his new-found musical partner in the process. There's no official word as to exactly what they're working on, nor when said collaboration will hit the Internet for consumption, but it's safe to say that this sounds like a match where both pieces fit together really well. 

Let us know if you're excited for the T-Pain & GLASYS link-up in the comments. You can also check out the Instagram video from T-Pain below.