It seems like just about everybody has given their opinion on MTV's "Hottest MCs" list, but before the topic becomes stale, the Kang of the South, T.I., gets his opinion in. While talking to Sway Calloway, who was influential on the making of the list, the rapper explains why he doesn't care about the list.

Tip ranted on the many fucks he does not give about the "Hottest MCs" list, but nonetheless saluted those who were on it. "Whoever on the list, salute to ya, I care about my bankroll and that shit growin'." 

T.I. went on to mention that his prison time did have an affect on his career, and said that he's grateful for the presence he has in the game. "I spent two years sittin' still, I wasn't really able to move around the way I was 'cause I was in prison, so for me to be out here and even be in the mix with motherfuckers and perform at a stellar rate, that to gotta judge me according to my circumstance. 

He added, "You compare me to these people, I was sittin still, they was selling records. I except them to be on the top ten, go ahead, enjoy it."

Tip continued, before listing all the up and coming projects on his Grand Hustle label, including stuff from Iggy Azalea, Young Dro and more. "We ain't finna sit still, lay down for no-motherfucking-body, I don't give a fuck about the top ten. I don't give a fuck about it."

As T.I.'s ranting continued, Sway had to remind him not to get too offensive, as Sway did have an impact on the list. "No disrespect to anybody, I respect they vote, however, y'all judging a nigga who just hot in music, then that's not motherfucking fair to me 'cause I got so much more than music going on," the self-proclaimed King said.

Check out the footage from the interview below.